inviting curiosity • restoring balance

2 Lead Change offers an experiential opportunity with nature, in Equine Facilitated Counselling (EFC) or Equine Facilitated Learning (EFL). The EFC or EFL sessions explore areas of strengths, challenges and possibilities with individuals, partners, family members and professional or community members.

2 Lead Change is committed to participatory engagement and building capacity, promoting personal and collective well-being.

Guiding Principles

  • Collaborative Facilitation

    Where horses and humans (and sometime sheep!) partner for mutual learning and healing.

  • Build Capacity

    Fostering trust, curiosity, creativity, play, self-reflection, and self-expression to support the ebb and flow of life’s gifts and challenges.

  • Respect for Sentience

    Allowing the flow of emotions, building connections, and developing non-verbal communication.

  • Holistic Healing

    Creating a space that weaves spiritual, emotional, mental and physical aspects of the horse – human bond.

  • Confidentiality

    Any information shared is strictly confidential with a guiding principal that there would be no threat of harm to oneself or others.

  • Lead Change

    Acknowledging persons have an ability to heal and lead change that fosters healthy relations and internal balance.

Areas of Focus

  • Experience Clarity of Focus & Intent

  • Enhance Creativity, Intuition, Mindfulness

  • Improve Self Regulation, Co-regulation, Calming, & Self Soothing

  • Develop ‘Felt Sense’; Sensory and Somatic (Body) Awareness

  • Explore Boundaries and Boundary Rupture

  • Build Capacity for Decision Making

  • Move Beyond Habitual & Maladaptive Behaviors

  • Manage Anger, Frustration & Fear

  • Develop Self-Confidence

  • Foster Healthy Family, Professional or Community Engagement

  • Explore a New Career or Shift in Life

  • Build Congruent Relations


Equine Facilitated Counselling

In counselling at 2 Lead Change, the client and counsellor work together to support the client’s therapeutic goals of well being, building experiences of safety, tracking nervous system arousal and re-regulating. The relationship built among client, counsellor and horses develops the client’s sense of self, strengths and supports. The engagement with horses in the herd enlivens and nourishes a sense of joy of life by awakening a sense of self, being mindful and making decisions. Allowing the body to ground, slow down, relax, and build tolerance,  clients develop clear boundaries and build capacity for healthy relationships.

Clients develop awareness of body, mind and emotions through engagement with the horses. In a sense, horses mirror our own internal imbalance or disconnection. Using mindfulness techniques, body awareness and specialized equine activities, clients can learn to calm their nervous system and develop new self-soothing skills to negotiate anxiety. Learning to set a healthy boundary with a horse and experiencing the positive impact on the horse-human relationship can be quite a powerful experience.

Experiential learning in counselling sessions with horses allows people to build environmental awareness and orientation, a connected sense of presence, internal resources, and supportive regulation and relational safety. Because of the experiential nature of the modality, clients are able to practice new affective, cognitive and behavioural strategies allowing them to witness their own various responses as well as those of the horse or herd.

As a registered Social Worker, owner and counsellor of 2 Lead Change,  Tori Poe has studied therapeutic theories, Aboriginal Field of Study, principles of practice, mental health,  mindfulness, trauma, neuroscience and ‘The Way of a Herd’ and is a lifelong learner participating in ongoing continuing education courses. 2 Lead Change is informed by the medicine wheel, cycle of life, a theoretical framework that supports a holistic approach by balancing spiritual, emotional, physical and mental aspects of an individual, family, partnership or community. Tori honours a strengths based and client centered approach and partners with horses, living in a herd, as co-facilitators. Working with the horses gives an opportunity to practice shifting internal states and building awareness of the external presence. This deepening of mind, body, emotional and spiritual awareness creates the foundation for transformation in behavior and relationships in the world. This process reconnects with the person’s natural ability to heal.

Single EFC 1.5 hour session$120
EFC 2 hour session for two (family, partners, etc..)$180
Minimum of three 1.5 EFC sessionsSpecial!
Minimum of three 2 hour EFC sessions for twoSpecial!
EFC Intensive: Package of two EFC experiences including a 2 hour EFC session and returning for another 2 hour session with the herd the day after or one week after the initial session$300

*Plus HST

Equine Facilitated Learning

Equine Facilitated Learning (EFL) is a unique modality of experiential learning for personal growth, learning social and emotional intelligence skills, and leadership and team building skills. The sessions of EFL may be one or more sessions or offered within a workshop of one to three days. Professional development sessions can be customized for a specific profession or community group (i.e. therapists, care-givers, first responders, veterans, etc..) or to address a specific area of interpersonal dynamics and communication.

Single EFL 1.5 hour session$120
Minimum of three EFL 1.5 sessionsSpecial!

*Plus HST


Each year 2 Lead Change may partner with others in the field of Mindfulness, Somatic Experiencing, Psychotherapy, Yoga or Leadership and offer workshops.

To customize a small group workshop, contact Tori Poe: (519) 831-9392

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